Chupa Chups Artisan Chocolate

Conceptual packaging for a chocolate line

Chupa Chups Artisan Chocolate
Chupa Chups is globally well≠loved lollipop that offers a wide range of flavors for the smart and savvy consumers. The challenge of this project was to create an original packaging for a conceptual chocolate line which has never been in their product category. As the primary target audience are young adults from 14-24, a line of artisan chocolates with funny pop≠culture inspired names and eye≠catching wrappers were developed. Original patterns were made for specific flavor. A new, contemporary typeface KULT was designed to complete the visual appeal of the products as well.
Give It To Me Guava - Guava flavor
Notorious H.O.G - Bacon flavor
Boo! There It Is! - Pumpkin Caramel flavor
Drop It Like It's Hot! - Sriracha flavor
It's A Hard Knock Life - Stout Beer flavor
Good Morning, Vietnam! - Vietnamese Coffee flavor
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