Children's Creativity Museum
Promotional Brochure
The Children's Creativity Museum, formerly known as Zeum, is an interactive art and technology museum for kids located in the Yerba Buena complex in San Francisco. 

The goal of this project was to design a promotional brochure for the museum to help expand its demographics and increase its membership and attendance. Cute, kid≠friendly graphics and a vibrant color scheme have been incorporated into the aesthetic of the overall design and also to help maintain the consistency of the Children's Creativity Museum's new brand image. A set of original icons was created to strengthen the hierarchy of the given information. The brochure turns into a coloring poster for the kids when it's fully opened, adding the interactive touch — one of the brand's core elements. A die-cut sticker of all the brand's new mascots is included in the brochure as a giveaway.
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