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Channels is a publication by Slack that explores how the modern workplace is evolving, what it takes to empower teams to deliver their best work, and the role technology can play in making our work lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive – now and into the future.

Our internal design team was tasked with creating the identity for the publication overall, as well as designing the layout for the first issue and commissioning new artwork for each of the stories selected.

We chose to approach the artwork selection from an editorially-focused perspective, assigning a different artist and a unique style to each article, dictated by the content. This allowed the content to function independently, featuring Slack while not feeling like an overtly Slack-branded magazine.

The first issue, "The Way We Work," features three, distinct sections of content: the Past, Present, and Future of work. With this structure in mind, we commissioned full-spread lettering pieces to bookend and divide each section, creating a visual narrative and a pace to the content as the reader moves through the issue.
Editorial Staff
Lima Al-Azzeh
Rina Bander
Matt Haughey
Stuart Lovinggood
Hairol Ma
Evie Nagy
Anna Pickard
Trina Robinson

Art Department
Alice Bybee
Viet Huynh
Supriya Kalidas
Russell Shaw

Chris Andre
Leandro Castelao
Eric Frommelt
Minda Honey
Timo Kuilder
Casey Labatt Simon
Abbey Lossing
Devon Maloney
Simone Massoni
Jordan Metcalf
Dan Misener
Jen Mussari
Garrett Rowland
Jonny Ruzzo
Señor Salme
Scott Schiller
Skinny Ships
Brittany Shoot 
Nick Slater
Christina Ung
Israel G. Vargas
Audra Williams
Jason Williams 
Jason Wong

Printed in Canada by Hemlock Printers.
Excerpt from the Visual Thesis presentation...

"Channels are passageways — a medium for information to flow through; the container that knowledge comes in.

We want to represent this with a visual metaphor built around the space between — information and content happening between two points, connecting the dots and testing the boundaries. This takes shape through interesting ways for words or colors or illustrations to be confined in unique grid layouts or borders, and, when necessary, to break those confines."
A sample of some of the layout templates for the content, as well as the final typography stack for the issue.

Danmark was used as the stencil font that created the masthead (a typeface with literal "channels" carved in and out of the letters); Atlas Grotesk was used for the sans-serif workhorse, and Atlas Typewriter for the monospace typography accenting the page furniture and rubriks; and Domaine Display Narrow and Domaine Text were the beautiful, rich serifs used for titling and in some body text.

(A huge, special thank you to Alison Colby for the final template design!)
"The Way We Work" Cover illustration by Abbey Lossing
"Past" lettering by Viet Huynh
"A Short History of the Office" illustration by Israel Vargas
"Present" lettering by Jason Wong
"Why We Need Best Friends at Work" illustrations by Simone Massoni
"Make Work More Human" illustrations by Skinny Ships
"8 Perfectly Reasonable Reasons to Use Emoji at Work" illustrations by Nick Slater
"The Case for Neurodiversity in Hiring" illustration by Señor Salme
"Building Winning Teams" lettering by Jen Mussari
"Andre Iguodala" portrait illustration by Jonny Ruzzo
Erika Hall portrait photograph by Chris Andre
"Future" lettering by Jordan Metcalf
"Working So Close and Yet So Far" illustrations by Leandro Castelao
"The Teams of Tomorrow" illustrations by Timo Kuilder
"Otherworldly Teamwork" illustration by Nick Slater
"Five Automations" illustration by Eric Frommelt
Portrait illustrations by Jonny Ruzzo
"Two Creatives, A Café, and a Chimera" illustrations by Christina Ung
Press Check
Channels Released at Slack's Frontiers 2018 Conference in San Francisco

Photo by Behzod Sirjani
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